Privacy Policy and Return Policy

Privacy Statement and Return Policy

This website [] is run by the ESKSBD organization Executive Council. All content here is ESKSBD Intellectual Property. The use of information for reproduction, copying, or redistribution is not permitted without the reference and permission of the organization. 

We acknowledge that visitors to our website may be concerned about the information they provide to us and how we use that information. The ESKSBDorganization is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.
Below are the key privacy policy notes: 

Personal information

Address and location of the Organization : Main Office :-

Village- Bhelabari, Po. Bhelabari,


District: Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh.

Category of Organization:

A Local, Voluntary, Non-profit, Non – political, and non-government organization.

 Year of Establishment : 1995

Legal Status : Registered under Department social Service,

Government of Bangladesh vide No Adit/Lal/78/97. Also registered under the directorate of Youth Development. No Lal- 25/Adit/03 and NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Bangladesh. Registration No. 1306/98. And renewed on

Back ground Information :

Despite some decades of development most of the people in Bangladesh are in desperate shape. Governments after governments pursued economic and development strategies largely modeled on western experience and inappropriate to local condition, the people find themselves deeply in dept. and unable to extricate themselves from the quagmire of poverty. But against all the odds, tenacious people of Bangladesh have started small organizations at grassroots level. Out of the bankruptcy and poverty of failed national development strategies, a new set of organizations gas emerged out of the disadvantaged and the risk group people. EkotaSamajKallyanSangstha (ESKS) is such an organization in the crowed of voluntary organizations in Bangladesh.

There is little scope to deny the fact that most of the people of Bangladesh live on the wrong side of the poverty trap. When the developed countries of the world think of Bangladesh, it is often an image of hopelessness, drought and cyclone, political disorder, flood and debt. Weeping poverty stricken people in disaster Bangladesh roaming in the streets of the cities with their malnourished children.

But against all odds some committed social activities become more assertive in  working for substantial change to address gender gaps and imbalance. The neat result of their modest effort is formation of this organization – EkotaSamajKallyanSangstha (ESKS) . Thus it is a non profit, non political and voluntary organizations committed the cause of women particular and disadvantaged distressed and under- privileged people in general.

Women in Bangladesh hear a disproportionately large share of country’s poverty. Most of the statistical indicators, of the status and progress in human development point to unacceptably high levels of deprivation among women. Gender inequalities in access to resources and opportunities violate the very concept of human development and essence of democracy. Discrimination against rural women is much more oppressive.

The gender discrimination that is practiced is deeply embedded in the social structure. Women are distribution against in family, society, workplace and political area. The asymmetrical distribution of food, nutrition, health care education and social.

Opportunities have resulted in the level of nutrition being low among women and the rate of illiteracy higher. Polygamy, early marriage, frequent divorcee, dowry, wife beating, abandoned wife, separation with dependent children without maintenance and attention, attack on women’s chastity, malnutrition, illness hunger, injustices, widowhood, migration to urban areas are the salient features of women’s sufferings.

Keeping the above in the fore, EkotaSamajKallyanSangstha (ESKS) wants to implement a gender and development program for women’s empowerment and power to create a critical awareness of civvies and human rights for women to build a democratic society.


You may access the Website without disclosing any of your personal information. Our web servers collect anonymous logs when users visit the ESKSBD website. 

 This information is used to create aggregate statistics. These statistics help us understand how our website is used and how we can improve the visitor experience in the future. 


A cookie is a text-only piece of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk so that the website can remember who you are. Visitors should be aware that websites may collect non-personal information and data through the use of cookies. The ESKSBD Organization uses cookie technology to collect personal information from online visitors only to enhance the online experience of visitors and facilitate their visit to our site. If a visitor does not want to collect information through the use of cookies, most browsers have an easy way to allow visitors to deny or accept the cookie feature.

Online donations

We request information from visitors in our donation form. A visitor must provide contact information (such as name, email, and mailing address) and payment information (such as credit card number and expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes and for sending grants within Bangladesh. If we have trouble processing a grant, use the information to contact our donor. We will not share visitor names and contact information with any third party. Financial and credit card information is never disclosed. It should be very clear that the ESKSBD organization is registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare so is not willing to accept grants obtained illegally and illegitimately. After paying online, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding your payment. Requests for any grant information can be sent to [email protected]

Cancellation and Return policy

Donations will be used for heads selected by donors on our Online Donation page. ESKSBD does not force any individual or organization to donate money but relies on its own will to help the poor and helpless people who are left behind in society.

However, until the refund is considered in full, We will refund the completed amount after checking and sorting in case you donate any amount by mistake. Please contact us within 05 business days of the date of your grant if you detect any errors in the payment amount or report unauthorized use of your credit or debit account.


Privacy Policy is committed to protecting the privacy of user information collected and maintained on our servers. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that, despite our committed efforts, certain designated individuals are still able to uncover and disclose such information through data mining and other methods. For this reason, ESKSBD Companies cannot offer any guarantee against unauthorized access to the information provided while using this website.

ESKSBD organization reserves the right to make any changes or updates to this Privacy Policy, so you are requested to visit this page from time to time.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, call us on  (+880)1777073393