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Histology and Histopathology would be the study of diseases and trauma to the cells of the human body. Histology studies the histological changes that have occurred in a variety of areas of the body over an extended time period. As an example, a passing records at a vital sign ; a death certificate in death records. That is just 1 example of this information recorded by means of a Histologist.

Why is this important ? But if we are to discover causes of certain diseases, for instance, Sarcomatoid Arteriosclerosis (the reason for Alzheimer’s disease), we must examine the histological record. We know that Alzheimer’s is a disease of aging. On the other hand, the cause of age is unknown. If we could learn the start of the disease, then we may have the ability to stop it or at least slow its development. We might even be able to restore some of our bodily functions.

What does a Histology record tell us? Well, for starters, it is going to show you the normal cellular functions of the human body. It will document any abnormalities that it detects. For example, abnormal cells and abnormal biopsies can be Histology and Histopathology recognized. Gene abnormality are available.

It will monitor the nutrient condition of the human body. A healthy body is able to fight against disease and illness simpler and faster than a body that’s malnourished. A bad body is predisposed to illness since it is unable to obtain the necessary nutrients. This may lead to more serious ailments down the road.

At length, it will evaluate current treatments for diseases. Research shows that when patients visit a doctor for a disease they believe may be terminal, just 60 percent of those people who actually have the disease undergo the recommended therapy. But suppose that the patient actually has a cure to the disease ? Will the physician allow it to be treated or will he execute the suggested treatment ? Histology can answer these questions as well.

So what are you waiting for? You might also study abroad if that is what interests you. You might even elect to perform post-graduate work in your field of choice. Histology can open many doors for those who have a passion to make the planet a better place and help those who suffer with a disease such as cancer.

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